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SAM x Kelnstef

Bonsoir, beauties! Bonsoir is French for Good evening, for all those who want to expand their language skills. I was torn between doing a winter related post and a casual ootd(outfit for the day, in short), because it isn’t really winter where I live. So today’s post will be a collaboration with a new brand in town- KELNSTEF. Made with love by two sisters- Kajol(fondly known as “Kel”) and Steffi, the brand derives its name from the coalescence of their names. Their collection comprises of cotton garments with emphasis on mirror work, embroidery, button work and other such surface ornamentation techniques. The silhouette of all their garments is relaxed in terms of fit with asymmetrical hemlines and soft tones. So it’s no question that their collection is a perfect fit for all those beauties who want a bit of quirkiness and fun in their wardrobe!
The most intriguing part to me was when I heard Kajol talking to me about button work in her collection. I’ve never seen button work garments and I love experimenting with my style (by now, I’m sure you all know about this little fact!) so I decided to showcase a garment with button detailing in today’s post. The second aspect which drew me towards the brand was that their clothing is wearable, affordable and easy to wear. So we settled on a custom midi-length dress with frill sleeves and button detailing on the neckline. I also had an idea to pair the dress with sneakers, as it would be both quirky and fun.
It didn’t take long to make the garment, which was a relief, considering it is Kajol’s birthday today. And what best way to delight her, than to do a post featuring her brand on this very day! (Happy birthday, love) I was really happy the moment I saw the dress and the outfit idea came to me instantly! The button detailing is hand stitched and I wanted it to be the hero of the outfit so I decided to match the red buttons with a sling bag. I also added tinted shades to compliment the look and I styled my hair into space buns. I tucked in the sleeves into the armhole because I like the dress better sleeveless. A huge shoutout to my mom, who was my saving grace today as my photographer and hair stylist. You're really multi-talented, mommy, thanks for being so helpful and encouraging! I’m really pleased at how the shoot turned out, so please scroll below and let me know what you think in the comments below!
Dress- Kelnstef
Tinted sunnies- Forever21
Sling bag- RS by Rocky Star
Platform sneakers- Luluandsky

PS- If you click on their brand name, it will take you to their Facebook page, so be sure to check out for lots more fun outfits. They’re super affordable!
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  1. Beautiful outfit for outdoor activities. I love the shoes that look like vans. Thanks for the share. Expecting to read more of your stuff online.