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Haute Tropic


Hey, loves! Hope your week’s going well. Summer has  finally set in, with temperatures rising at incredible speed. So I encourage all fashionistas to bring out those crop tops, shorts and skirts because things are going to get real haute here(pun intended)!
In case you haven't guessed, today's ​post is featuring a cute crop top in tropical print. I simply adore tropical prints as they instantly add a fresh look to any outfit. And they are a style must have for summer season. So are crop tops. But when it comes to crop tops, people always seem to need a little bit of encouragement. There is a notion amongst people that for some reason, crop tops can only be worn if you have a flat stomach. And that is so not true. And hopefully today's post should bust that myth.
The crop top I'm wearing is white in colour with cut outs at the waist area and it has tropical prints as well. The prints were the first thing that caught my eye as I was shopping around at the Forever21 store.and since the top is in white, I thought of pairing it with white skinny jeans to add to the look. I also accessorized my look with a pair of dangling earrings, a black hat and a black sling bag. I wore strappy black wedge heels to complete this look. Have a look at the pictures below and let me know what you think about this summer look!

Crop top- Forever21
Skinny Jeans- Marks & Spencers
Hat- Forever21
Sling bag- Baggit
Strappy sandals- Forever21
1 comment on "Haute Tropic"
  1. Love the cropped top and it matches the hat really nicely! Have a great week!