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Athleisure Vibes

The one trend I couldn’t wait to try this season is Athleisure. Does the term sound familiar to you? It’s essentially a trend where one wears clothing which is designed for workout in a different occasion, such as work, public, casual meet up with friends or just regular outdoor wear. It all began when women or famous fashion models started wearing leggings, tights or yoga pants for work purposes & it looked so chic that everyone wanted to try it out!
The best part of dressing oneself in gym wear the whole day is that it’s just so comfortable! And what makes it even more likeable is that it is one of the most minimalistic styles of dressing. Today, one can incorporate athleisure in almost any kind of casual wear. Another way of wearing this trend is pairing gym shoes with casual dresses, preferably jersey ones.
The outerwear that compliments this kind of look the most would be the bomber jacket. Bomber jackets give the desired edge to the look while nailing the brief.                 
Hence, for my look today, I chose to highlight the bomber jacket. The jacket I chose was from Zara, and they were the first stores where I could spot good bomber jackets. H&M and Forever21 were next. I decided to style the jacket with my varsity collection dress from Vero Moda & white sneakers. To give it a true Athleisure vibe, I accessorized this look with a leather duffle bag & a pair of sunglasses. Hope you enjoy the snaps of the outfit!

I had so much fun during this shoot! Another capture of  me trying to look cool(but actually looking sombre) while nailing a jump:

Bomber jacket- Zara
Dress- Vero Moda (also worn here)
Duffle bag- Yelloe on
Shoes- Zara
Sunglasses- Zara
This post isn't in any way sponsored by Zara, in case anyone was wondering.

Thrift Shopping & Styling florals this fall

Hey all! It’s been a great start this fall and the weather is a welcome change for a variety of reasons. Monsoons gave very little scope for travel and photography. I’ve finally got a chance to explore around after quite some time and I chose to go Street shopping. Street shopping or thrift buying is something I did often when I was a fashion student and I believe one of the best styles and fashion comes from street markets, only if you know where shop.
Bandra is the one of the great places in Mumbai for anyone in search for good Street fashion. And my personal favourite is Hill Road because I feel the products found there are a notch more voguish than in Linking Road. I love to explore Elco market and the entire Street from there on.
These days, what one can spot in the street market is lots of denim clothing, long dresses, loose fitted bottom wear and cold shoulder tops (they seem to be still going strong in fashion). Amongst accessories, sneakers are quite the rage, so are platform sandals; amongst others are backpacks, minimalistic rings, reflector sunglasses & choker necklaces.
What really caught my fancy was this nude coloured maxi dress in one of the shops I was exploring. It is breezy and has floral prints in dark red, which is a beautiful contrast to the nude colour of the dress. Since it is fall season, I felt that this dress would be just right due to it’s subtle colours. And therefore, I chose to style this dress with dark accessories. I paired this look with a hat, a burgundy bag and burgundy flats. I also wore a statement ring to add to the graceful allure of this look.

Dress- Thrifted
Hat- Forever21, also styled here
Sling Bag- Accessorize
Flats- Forever21
Ring- Forever21

 Hope you’ve liked my post on thrift shopping how to style florals this fall. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Macarons & Snapchat

Dessert Review- Macarons by Pasteleria
How are you, my adorable bunnies? Forgive me, I’ve been a little obsessed with Snapchat lately. Everyday there’s a filter about some cute animal and I just can’t help myself! Speaking of adorable things, have you guys ever heard of macarons? Most people I come across at my workplace haven’t the slightest clue of what a macaron is. And I thought to myself, I most definitely must do a post about these. After all, I love them so much, I named my blog after them!
A macaron is a meringue based confectionery, commonly filled with a ganache in between the two meringue halves. The intricate confection is characterized by smooth, squared top, ruffled edge, and a flat base. It is mildly moist and easily melts in the mouth. Macarons can be found in a wide variety of flavors. They are often said to be difficult to make.
Finding macarons (and good ones, too) is rare in Mumbai & more so in Thane. Once I began hunting, I was a tad disappointed to find even the well-known bakeries do not have them. Then I came across Pasteleria, & I thought why not give it a try? And bingo, they did have some! I bought a box (5 macarons) for Rs. 192 including taxes, which is a satisfactory rate, considering most bakeries charge Rs. 50-60 per macaron here in Mumbai. When I asked the waiter what flavour the macarons were, they didn’t know, which was really unexpected. I’m in for a yummy surprise, I reckon!

When I first look at the macarons, they are all of different sizes & colors. I’ve got yellow, peach, coral & 2 sea green ones. And as I open the box, I get a sweet aroma, which is fascinating. Scroll on below to see what each macaron tastes like:

1.       Sea Green:
When I first look at this macaron, all it reminds me of is the sea. The meringues are sea green in color & the cream at the centre is bright blue. The outer meringues were a bit flattened, which is okay. It tastes really sweet, but not minty, which I was expecting it to be, considering the color. The blue cream tastes like blue curacao & is a touch salty. Overall, a good flavour.

2.       Yellow:
The sunny yellow macaron reminds me of a perfect yellow egg yolk. It has a very mild fragrance. When I bite into it, the meringue is crumbly & a bit hard. The cream is also bright yellow & has pineapple flavouring, which reminds me of pineapple biscuits I used to eat when I was little. Not really a big fan of this one.

3.       Peach:
This was one of the biggest macaron out of all. It has a soft peach colour & the filling inside is orange. The meringue was crumbly too, and the cream was a little bit salty. It didn’t taste like any particular flavour, so I tried having the cream separately. It tasted exactly like whipped cream. It felt very substandard.

4.       Coral:
This was the smallest macaron and the cutest one too! The meringue color was a subdued coral & the cream inside was light pink. It smelled very sweet, like strawberry cream, so I knew what I was about to taste. On taking a bite, the meringue was crunchy on the outside & soft on the inside, just what macaron meringue s should be like. But the cream was light, which made me feel like it was another one of those whipped creams. I am torn on whether I liked this one or not.

Overall, it was an okay experience trying macarons from Pasteleria. It seems like they had filled the macarons with flavoured whipped cream used on cake, which didn’t suit it at all. Macaron creams should be packed with flavour & should be rich & melty, not creamy. I really wouldn’t recommend having macarons from Pasteleria. Although having said that, they do have a wide range of pastries & confectionaries which are worth a try & I will definitely try them when I visit the next time!

I have tried a lot of macarons from bakeries all over Mumbai & I cannot wait to do a next review about them! I hope this post has been a new learning for all those people who didn’t know what a macaron is. And I also hope you will try them the next time you see them in bakeries as they are really yum! I would love to know if you would like me to do more reviews on food or desserts, so comment below & I will try and make it possible.
Keep it sweet & sassy!


The arrival of Fall

Fall season is upon us and while the trees shed their yellowed foliage, the days get shorter and the air crisper. As the weather slowly changes, so does fashion, bringing an onslaught of darker colors and layered clothing. Influenced by the latest trends being seen right now, I decided to do a post on fall fashion.
I wanted today’s look to be inspired from autumn colours and so I went with a brown coloured skirt from ASOS as the main emphasis of today’s look. The part I liked the most about his skirt is that it isn’t your average button down skirt, the buttons run slantways across the front, which is what makes it interesting. And what’s even more fun is that the skirt has pockets too!
Since autumn isn’t very cold in India, I decided to omit layers while still keeping the look warm. That is where the collared black top comes in. This chic black top hits the brief when it comes to fall fashion. It has a thick standing collar to keep one warm and it is black in colour.
Since the top is chic and simple, I decided to add a bit of bling to it with my multi chained gold necklace. I was also excited to try boots with lace as boots are a staple for this season. I gave the look a boost by adding a wide brimmed fedora hat, a black sling bag with zipper detail & round glasses.
Here are a few snaps of today’s outfit:

Hat- Forever21
Top- Stalkbuylove
Necklace- Forever21
Skirt- ASOS
Bag- Baggit
Boots- Forever21

Fall is just beginning and I fully intend to enjoy every bit of it! There are a lot of wonderful trends and styles to look forward to and I can’t wait to document them all on my blog! And I’m hoping that you all enjoy this journey with me, as well as discover the latest trends at the same time.