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Varsity Chic

Do any of y’all remember college? I recall them as one of the best years of my life. It is that phase of your life which you simply cannot get back. I remember being all sorts of sweaty when I first stepped into the classroom on my first day in fashion college (shy girl problems). Yep, here’s where I’m gonna spend my final years as an awkward teen, I thought. Awkwardness is one of my many special traits. A lot of my close friends will agree to this, I’m positive.
It’s been quite some time since I’ve last been to college, but I will always love college fashion. This is the place where one can experiment with style & everyone’s style brings out a part of their individuality. And believe me, everyone’s style is different. I remember loving skinny jeans at the time, but it used to be very uncomfortable sitting all day in those, so I would recommend investing in loose pieces for your college wardrobe. And that brings me to my newest blog topic- Varsity Chic. Or in other words, Back to college fashion. Because at college, you will be stressed, you will be depressed, but hey, at least you will be well dressed (#slayingoncampus)!
The piece I’m wearing for today’s post is from Vero Moda’s AutumnWinter’16 Varsity collection, which features luxe monochromatic merchandise inspired from the college fashion. It’s also the look being seen on a large scale on runways this season. I’ve paired it simply with a black backpack, sunglasses & black sneakers. I would recommend adding a cap to give this look a bit of an edge. You’ll see how in my photos.
 Also, please pardon the photos as the weather was at its gloomiest best during the time of the shoot. Seriously, monsoons, you are every blogger’s worst nightmare. But no worries, I’m all for taking things in stride & delivering despite circumstances.
(Rolls up sleeves) Let’s do this!

Dress-Vero Moda
Backpack- 20Dresses
Sunglasses- Forever21
Sneakers- Max

Any of you guys missing those school days too? I feel ya. To those who are still at school, cherish them, have fun and make loads of memories while you're at it. Because these days are golden and in the end, all you'll be left with are the fun times you had with your friends. 

Stay chic, stay true. 
Till then, xoxo lovlies!

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  1. I love your sense of style and how you've managed to stand out and look flawless in what seems like shit weather. Loving thw whole look, and the cap of course. XOXO