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A date at The Waterhouse Deli

Hey folks! How’s it going? Friendship week has just passed & I wanted to do something special with my bestie, Snehal Raut. But before I start, let me tell you something about Snehal- she’s kind, sweet, charming gal who I first met at my current workplace. She was a marketing head at the time. I never thought we would bond so well and I would say it’s fate that we chanced upon each other. It’s been more than 3 years and our concordance is just growing stronger. She’s a newbie (lifestyle) blogger much like me and I’m so happy to have had the privilege to spend the day with her.
The place I decided to take Snehal to was The Waterhouse Deli, which I found on a popular restaurant discovery service. It is situated at Thane, Manpada area, and is the perfect spot for Thane residents who wish to go to private and peaceful eatery to grab a bite. At first glance, The Waterhouse Deli is an open spaced bistro with floor seating and water elements around it. It reminded me of resorts in a beach setting. But due to monsoons, they had changed the seating arrangement to sofas & turned off their indoor waterfall due to maintenance.
A few snaps of the interiors and you will find more on Snehal's blog:
I absolutely love these colourful paper lanterns!
We decided to order their speciality for starter and mains, which Snehal will elaborate on her blog. So head over to to get the part 1 deets of our date! Over to part 2, which I will take you through, are the drinks & dessert (because the best things in life are always sweet!). The Waterhouse Deli only offers mocktails so our options were a bit limited in that course. So we decided to let the bartender decide for us and surprise us with the drinks.
Surprise 1:
Snehal wanted something healthy (girls, I know…sigh) and peppery (English word for Chatpata) and that’s all she told the bartender. So he made a juice from carrots & beetroot in peppery spices. It was a flush red colour & really refreshing for the palate. I would recommend this drink for anyone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth. You’ll really enjoy it.
Surprise 2:
I have a sweet tooth (not much of a confession) and I specified that I would like to have a fruit punch kinda drink. So the waiter asked me if I’ve ever tried a fruit punch made out of musk melon & green apple. I sure hadn’t, so that’s what he gave me. And oh boy, it was great! It was like a musk melon milkshake with a hint of green apple, which I never thought I would ever give a try if I saw it on a menu. But I’m glad I did. Thanks, bartender! A big thumbs up to you!

Surprise 3:
You must be wondering how a third surprise has come up, right? Well, we liked the musk melon drink so much; we decided to order another surprise drink. This one was minty coloured and kinda looked like it was inspired by the aqua coloured skirt I was wearing. It tasted very minty, which made me feel like Blue Curacao was added to it. Nevertheless, it was yum!
The Waterhouse Deli has the standard assortment of desert, which includes Chocolate brownie squares, blueberry cheesecakes, new york cheesecakes, cupcakes , etc. We decided to order a Blueberry cheesecake & a red velvet cupcake (just because it was super adorable to look at….please don’t judge us) The blueberry cheesecake had a lot of butter to the base & it tasted quite buttery because of that. But the red velvet cupcake stole the show. It was truly delicious. 

The (very photogenic) red velvet cupcake!
Yep, that's how normal people eat a cupcake!
A special mention I would like to give was to Adrienne, the manager who helped us from the get-go. He catered to all our needs with utmost patience & graciousness. All the staff at The Waterhouse Deli were very polite and perfect hosts. We had an enjoyable experience & will surely visit again.

Hope you liked the Friendship Day special from us! What are the places that you would like us to review next? Comment below & let us know & we might just oblige!
Till then, cheerios amigos!
Love, Pranita.
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