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The Monsoon checklist

Hi friends! It’s monsoon season in India right now. Which means greener surroundings, cooler temperature and road trips to waterfalls. It also means the joy of devouring hot potato/onion fritters or roasted corn on the cob with your loved ones. I personally love having hot chocolate inside my room,  enjoying the view of rain pouring outside from my window. Ah, the bliss of snuggling up in a blanket reading your favourite books! Most part of this season will be spent indoors, I reckon.
As a majority of us lead a bustling life, monsoon would mean a ton of troubles if we aren’t prepared well for it. The rules of fashion change when it comes to dressing for the monsoon weather. But fear not, styleandmacarons is here to help you stay stylish, no matter what the weather is! Which brings us to our today’s post- The Monsoon checklist. In other words, basic essentials needed for a gal on the job during the monsoon season.
1.       Rainwear:
Lets start with the basics, shall we? Raincoats and jackets are a must for surviving showers at any given time. Here are some of the online sites that are offering rain wear currently:
2.       Umbrella

For those who aren’t very comfortable with coats and just prefer umbrellas over raincoats, you have a lotta options available everywhere. So, I’m just going to show you some interesting ones I came across online.
1. Transparent umbrella
2. Sunny side up monki umbrella
3. Watermelon print transparent umbrella 

3. Bags

For girls who want to look trendy, but feel their current bags wont survive the monsoons, I've got news for you! Opt for jelly bags, they come in various styles and the material is perfect or the weather. Dont know where to get one? We got you!

4. Footwear
Jelly footwear are a must this season to protect your feet. Opt for boots or heeled jelly sandals as footwear option in monsoons. You could also try wearing crocs.  Few of the styles include:

With all this info, hope you will be able to get through the monsoon season without any woes. To get more such tips, follow and subscribe, and also let me know in the comments below. 
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